How To Dress For Your Body Type: Hourglass

It’s clear that we are all not the same.  We all come in different shapes, sizes, and proportions. It is important to understand your body type in order to buy clothes that fit you properly.  Looking good in clothes is a combination of proportion and the art of illusion.  Finding the right clothes for your body can be tricky.  I’m here to help.  I have narrowed it down to six general body types that most women can relate to.  Try and determine the body type that most reflects yours and follow the useful tips below in order to purchase clothes that flatter you! Check back here each week for tips on how to dress for your body type!

Hourglass- curvy shape, top and bottom in proportion

General Rules:

  • this body type can wear almost anything
  • avoid wearing oversized tops and bottoms together
  • go thinner at waist, narrower at knees
  • scoop and v-necklines work well

Key Clothing Items:


  • fitted and double breasted styles work
  • avoid heavy embellishments


  • choose short or long length that narrows at the knees


  • choose narrow cuts
  • straight leg or slight flare work best
  • Dresses

wraps and styles with asymmetrical draping are flattering

lorraineClaireHow To Dress For Your Body Type: Hourglass

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